A tribe, a united circle of like-minded boys with a common vision to make our life’s simply better

We are a social tribe

what does that mean?
„we live as a tribe. we all use our individual strengths and experiences to make a difference and pursue our overall goal. while tribes used to employ this kind of organisation mainly to get food and protect themselves, we are here to make what is already good simply better. and when one of us is faces obstacles in life, the others are there to support him.
we are all connected to each other. and we celebrate everything good. that’s basically our ritual.
we are also deeply connected to our territory. we love to be where we live.

our tribe is evolving. beyond the borders of our territory, in order to merge with other tribes dedicated to their region. maybe someday the entire world will be one strong territory. that way, wherever we go and live, life will be simply better for all of us.”

stefan zappe
chief of global tribe & founder



Paolo Anania

I like to further develop the internal and external brand perception and awareness of the BeyondBoys. I support in advising and helping new tribe leaders to follow our common mission and core values.

us gone beyond UG & Co. KG / Advisor of brands and expansion

Marius Herminghaus

I like to connect with other people and to expand my network. The dynamic exchange of the individual strengths and experiences bring us to a higher level – beyond the ordinary.

us gone beyond UG & Co. KG / Chief of global strategy & processes

Stefan Zappe

I am curious about peoples live. To learn who they are and what they do makes me happy. To connect others to enable valueable exchange gives me freedom.

us gone beyond UG & Co. KG / Chief of global tribe

Patrick Nottebaum

I am interested in building the external communication platforms for the BeyondBoys. Thereby, I help brand to grow the brand and develop the stage for all tribe members.

us gone beyond UG & Co. KG / Chief of stroytelling

Philipp Maaßen

I like to surround myself with people that are positive and ambitioned in their jobs.

DVAG - Büro für Allfinanz / Direktor Vertrieb

Hakan Celebi

I am really looking forward to the development of the BeyondBoys. Thus, I support the tribe in deveoping and growwing business opportunities and the overall benefit program.

us gone beyond UG & Co. KG / Advisor of new business and benefits

Benjamin Kuchenbäcker

I like to organize the common tribe gatherings and find external benefits that contribute to a simply better life of the BeyondBoys tribes.

us gone beyond UG & Co. KG / Chief of places & opportunities

Our Vision

We are evolving a global tribe of boys.
Shaping a simply better life for each other.

Our Mission

We are establishing the BeyondBoys tribe by engaging like-minded boys contributing individual strength and experiences.




Good people follow good vibes

Are we really rugged individualists, or are we more powerful as a tribe? We believe: Combine both and see how it grows. Because good things follow good vibes.

How do we know? Well, it’s our own story. Simple. Clear. Real and untold. We only need two boys and one table to go beyond.

It was in June 2018 when Stefan, a strong individual on his own, became the first member of our social tribe. To be honest, he didn’t know it. He just wanted to have a good time with his friends. Good music. Good beer. Good vibes. Other boys were deeply attracted by the vibes and asked to join the tribe. No expectation. Just passion. A higher level of ambition. This was the beginning of our social tribe.

We understood: Being a strong individual and sharing vibes is essential for being more powerful as a tribe. This dynamic brings us to a higher level – beyond the ordinary.

Today we grow as a passionate ecosystem – locally and globally. We are connected to each other. We support each other. We all live the same vision with each other.
Share benefits and doors will be opened. Start and create deeper connections. We are a united circle that makes all of our lives simpler and even better. Wherever we are. Wherever we go.

We believe – good people follow good vibes.

Follow us. Go beyond.


Connect with us

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